Can we see our future only as a continuation of the present? More of the same, built on permanent “growth”, pushed by blown-up material wants, ending in possessiveness and narcissism? Are the only alternatives “back to the middle ages” or other disastrous schemes?

When socialism lost out in all of its forms it looks like we are confined to exist as liberal individualists. The SoLiD movement is an attempt to formulate, propagate and experience an ideology that rises above the liberal framework. Where the useful insights of socialism are employed anew, in addition to other knowledge about mankind and society not fitting into the liberal model. By formulating new goals together and commit one another to strive for their realization we hope to address the problems that face our society.

SoLiD stands for new content and interdependencies of the following ideals:

  • The collective nature of mankind is represented as an ideal in [So]cialism.
  • Freedom of choice, having a personal responsibility in shaping your own life and that of others is the [Li]beral part of our ideology.
  • [D]emocracy as the ideal means of societal control to realize these ideals.

SoLiD does not only stand for the combination of these ideals but also for SoLiDarity. It is the starting point for our morals. We want to give new meaning to this notion, worn to the bone as it is now. We do not serve old wine from new pouches but try to put new wine in the old ones.

The prevailing ideas about how “humans form a society” and how one gets his own role therein have to be revised. You can read about this in the SoLiD subject. If you are interested after that you can have a look at our Manifesto.

If you’re still interested after that you can follow our progress by sigining up for our newsletter. You can even participate! By answering the mail that got you here or by leaving a message at the following address:


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